The Bible has the added problem of requiring that the reader believe in the unfailing memory of those who passed along the stories before they were written down and the absolute integrity and tactile perfection of those who transcribed them. Good question Lorkas. In such situations people have to go back to the religion messenger (prophet) or who are appointed by him. I just happened on your website today. The more I learned, the more my eyes opened.

(From http://psychology. If i want to debate then I will debate, but if i just want to discuss in order to understand then that is exactly what I will do.

Do you seriously believe that is it moral to obey a god that appears to be incompetent, uncaring and stupid? 2) Even if it happens and the building is erected, this will occur with many imperfections since the probability for a perfect building is very small, which Learn is There Any Right Ways to See Spouses Snapchat Conversations Remotely on Android Without Touching Her iPhone 2017 means other things (destruction of the building, creating something other than the building etc) will happen are very high and they will occur since the period is very long. Do not, however, expect those who have gone on this journey to treat you with intellectual respect. Ive been a Sandwich Maker, a Mental Health worker, a Journeyman Carpenter, a professional Scuba Diver, a Potter, in the US Navy, a Forklift Driver, a Student, and a Professor (In that order). The most dangerous place to be in the U. But then you stumbled upon some information you deemed as potentially damning to his credibility.

The loudest win out. It doesnt matter. At no point did I ever see him take his own advice and open his own mind. Hope this helps.

This is usually described by religious writers as righteous anger, with the implication that this somehow exonerates it without further consideration or investigation. For example, if an atheist was brainwashed that any person who believes in God is going to kill him bcoz he doesnt believe in God and that he should kill them before they do.

But those values have no meaning outside that group and perhaps more crucially, cannot be refuted from within. The eternal life in paradise pipedream is pretty wonderful. Modern civilization will not tolerate the many barbarisms condoned, taught and commanded in the Christian Bible.

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They used big words so that it sounded like they were saying something precise and convincing. In any case, whether humanism can justify its existence has absolutely no bearing on whether theism is verifiably true. The playing field is most definitely not level. Even though, I believe the main purpose of religion (not a false one) is one thing:

Most justice systems are stuck at this level. Thus we have witch burnings in Africa, and hatred and proposed Koran burnings in the USA. quote Ive been thinking about faith and how it might relate to the quantum world.